Taylor Swift stuns in a chic black-and-white ensemble, dominating the stage as she clinches the Fave International Artist of the Year at the Canadian MuchMusic Video Awards

Favourite Artist of the Year winner: a seductive Taylor Swift posed with her award at the press wall after winning the MuchMusic award for her song, 22

Winner of the coveted Artist of the Year award, the enchanting Taylor Swift struck a mesmerizing pose with her well-deserved trophy against the vibrant press wall. This momentous occasion marked her victorious triumph at the MuchMusic Awards, where her sensational song “22” emerged triumphant.

Very revealing: Taylor Swift left little to the imagination her black-and-white patterned bandage dress to attend Sunday's MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto

Quite the sight to behold: Taylor Swift opted for a daring fashion choice at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, confidently donning a mesmerizing black-and-white bandage dress that left little to the imagination.

There's always a first: This marks the singer's first ever appearance at the popular Canadian music event

It’s a debut worth noting: This performance signifies the singer’s inaugural participation in the well-loved Canadian music festival.

Paper thin: Taylor showed off quite a slender figure as she posed provocatively in her strappy heels

Slim as a reed, Taylor flaunted her svelte physique while striking a seductive pose in her alluring stilettos.

Feeling so pretty: Taylor, who is performing and presenting at the awards show, let her blonde mane hang loose and free around her made-up face that included red lipstick and blue eyeliner

Experiencing a radiant allure: Taylor, an artist gracing the stage and also taking on a presenting role at the awards ceremony, decided to leave her flowing golden locks down, allowing them to flow freely around her perfectly made-up face. Her exquisite look consisted of captivating red lipstick complemented by a touch of artistic blue eyeliner.

Modest moment: Taylor smiled modestly as she took to the stage

Unassuming occasion: With a modest smile, Taylor gracefully made her way onto the stage.

Wowing the crowd: Taylor received wild applause when she walked on stage in Toronto

Taylor received a thunderous ovation as she made her grand entrance on the stage in Toronto, leaving the crowd in awe.

'Hello Canada!' It was the first time the singer had been invited to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto

‘Greetings, Canada!’ This marked the singer’s inaugural invitation to the esteemed MuchMusic Video Awards held in the captivating city of Toronto.

Loving support: As predicted, Avril Lavigne brought her fiance Chad Kroeger with her to the show

Showing unwavering support, Avril Lavigne made sure to have her beloved Chad Kroeger by her side at the event, just as expected.

Crowning glory: The rocker wore a spike crown and her signature raccoon-eye make-up

The epitome of cool: The singer donned a spiky crown adorning her head, paired with her unique trademark raccoon-inspired eye makeup.

Boot stomping performance: Avril gave it her best and the audience loved her for it

Outstanding show: With all her energy and passion, Avril delivered an unforgettable performance that resonated deeply with the audience, earning their immense love and admiration.

Long lasting: There's a reason why Avril is still on top after more than a decade in the music biz - her talent and personality

Enduring: Avril’s continued success in the music industry for over a decade can be attributed to her exceptional talent and captivating persona.

Vamping it up: Demi Lovato showed off her curvy figure in a form-fitting black dress with sparkly detail

Turning up the glamour: Demi Lovato flaunted her voluptuous physique in a sleek black dress adorned with dazzling embellishments.

She's got an edge: The now-blonde singer-actress sported dramatically dark nail polish and a cross tattoo on her right hand

She has a certain allure: The singer-actress, who recently dyed her hair blonde, exhibited a strikingly dark shade of nail polish and proudly displayed a cross tattoo on her right hand.

There's a smile: When Demi smiles, the world smiles with her

The power of Demi’s smile is infectious, spreading joy and happiness to the world around her.

Ladies rule: While Demi rocked the edgy look, Lucy Hale looked demure and prim in her white A-line frock and purple pumps

Ladies rule: While Demi rocked the edgy look, Lucy Hale looked demure and prim in her white A-line frock and purple pumps

Girl power reigns supreme: Demi pulled off an effortlessly cool, edgy ensemble, while Lucy Hale exuded an air of elegance and sophistication in her stylish white A-line dress, perfectly paired with stunning purple pumps.

Too hot to handle: Demi sang her heart out while four fiery infernos blazed behind her

The scorching heat added to the intensity as Demi passionately belted out her song, with four blazing infernos roaring behind her.

What a performance: The singer can really belt it out as her Sunday evening performance proved

What an incredible show: The vocalist truly demonstrated her remarkable talent in her Sunday night rendition.

You can touch this: Demi reached out to a sea of hands

Feel free to make contact: Demi extended her hand amidst a crowd of eager individuals.

Host with the most: MMVA host PSY performed a few fancy dance moves during the show

A fantastic host: PSY, the mastermind behind the MMVA, dazzled the audience with his remarkable dance moves throughout the event.

Rehearsing hard: Demi was spotted earlier on Sunday practicing her tune

Putting in the effort: Demi was seen earlier in the day dedicating herself to perfecting her song.

Jumping for joy: Irish pop duo Jedward were up to their usual antics on Sunday including leaping up in the air in perfect sequence

Bouncing with excitement: The mischievous Irish pop duo Jedward once again entertained their fans with a display of synchronized leaps on a sunny Sunday.

There they go again: Jedward's red carpet show saw them trying to balance on the partition

Once again, we witnessed Jedward stealing the show on the red carpet, showcasing their unique ability to balance on a partition with unmatched finesse.

Can't touch this: Jedward obviously preferred to be airborne

Unable to be touched: Jedward clearly had a strong inclination towards being in the air.

Bring on the hunks: Singer Matt Mays looked rocker cool in hat, black leather jacket and eyeliner

Introducing the heartthrobs: Musician Matt Mays exuded an effortlessly cool rocker vibe, sporting a stylish hat, sleek black leather jacket, and a touch of eyeliner.

Flair for the dramatic: Naya Rivera and Big Sean posed arm in arm as they hit up the arrivals line

A penchant for theatrics was evident as Naya Rivera and Big Sean strolled down the arrivals line, their arms interlocked.

Cuddle alert: Big Sean couldn't keep his hands off Naya who looked sleek in her black halterneck jumpsuit

Snuggle warning: Big Sean just couldn’t resist touching Naya, who appeared effortlessly chic in her elegant black halterneck jumpsuit.

Thumbs up: Phillip Phillips, the Georgia-born winner of American Idol, looked smart in red plaid, jeans, dress jacket and rugged brown shoes

Thumbs up to Phillip Phillips, the talented winner of American Idol hailing from Georgia, who rocked a fashionable ensemble consisting of a red plaid shirt, a pair of trendy jeans, a stylish dress jacket, and a pair of rugged brown shoes.

Thumbs up: Phillip Phillips, the Georgia-born winner of American Idol, looked smart in red plaid, jeans, dress jacket and rugged brown shoes

Thumbs up: Phillip Phillips, the native of Georgia who emerged victorious on the popular television show American Idol, sported a stylish attire complete with a red plaid shirt, a pair of denim jeans, a sleek dress jacket, and a charming pair of sturdy brown shoes.

Feeling the love: Singer Cody Simpson arrived to the show amid cheers, screams and shouts

Embracing the affection: Vocalist Cody Simpson made a stunning entrance to the performance, greeted by a chorus of cheers, screams, and enthusiastic exclamations.

Energetic: The young singer approached the audience with zeal

Full of enthusiasm, the youthful vocalist eagerly engaged the audience.

Kissable: Mia Martina blew her fans a kiss from the carpet where she held everyone enthralled with her edgy frock and boot-strap heels

Mia Martina made a charming gesture to her fans by sending them an air kiss while standing on the carpet. She captivated everyone with her fashionable dress and trendy boots.

Polka dot perfect: Pitch Perfect¿s Brittany Snow was one of the presenters at the music awards

Looking effortlessly stylish, Brittany Snow, known for her role in Pitch Perfect, took the stage as one of the presenters at the recent music awards. Sporting a delightful polka dot ensemble, she effortlessly stole the show with her charm and grace.

Best Video by a Canadian: Avril Lavigne showed off her award backstage

Avril Lavigne proudly flaunted her backstage accolade as she claimed the title for the Best Video by a Canadian.

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