‘I Can Truly Understand’: Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Own Struggles, Tackling Rehab, Reflecting on Her Disney Journey, and Confronting Peer Pressure

Selena Gomez appeared absolutely stunning in a dress with stylish cut-outs at a recent press event in New York. The talented beauty was there to promote her new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, a gripping 13-episode show that delves into the sensitive topic of teen suicide. In a heartfelt conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Gomez, who also serves as an executive producer on the show, candidly shared her own experience of taking a self-imposed break from the spotlight. During her time away, she sought treatment for depression and spent 90 days in a rehabilitation center. It was during this period that she had the opportunity to connect with numerous young individuals who faced similar challenges to those portrayed by the characters in the show.

Publicity rounds: Selena Gomez was the picture of New York glamour when she emerged from a Netflix presser in the city on Wednesday

Selena Gomez radiated elegance and sophistication as she stepped out of a press event in New York City on Wednesday. The 24-year-old looked stunning in a stylish black and white dress that accentuated her figure flawlessly. The dress featured a daring neckline that showcased her cleavage in an enticing manner. Additionally, the outfit highlighted Selena’s enviable toned torso, thanks to strategically placed cut-outs that revealed her flat midriff. The sleeveless dress boasted a chic diagonal check pattern in black and white, with a delicate frill detailing around the waistline, adding an extra touch of femininity to the whole ensemble.

When you got it: The 24-year-old's slinky black and white dress featured a gap beneath the neckline that offered a generous view of her cleavage

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When the picture emerged, all eyes were drawn to the 24-year-old’s elegant black and white dress. The dress had a clever design, with a daring gap beneath the neckline that showcased her ample cleavage. Adding to the allure, the dress had an asymmetrical hem that showcased her perfectly sculpted legs, which she accentuated with a pair of sleek black stilettos.

Adapted from the popular 2007 young adult novel, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the much-awaited Netflix series is set to make its debut on the streaming platform on March 31st. Portraying the character of Hannah, a troubled high school student who tragically takes her own life, Katherine Langford’s performance is set to be a gripping and emotional one.

Busily patterned: Black and white checks lined up diagonally across the sleeveless dress, which had a layer of frill curving up about her waistline

The sleeveless dress was stylishly adorned with a bustling black and white checkered pattern, with the checks aligned diagonally. Adding to its charm, there was a delicate frill that gracefully curved around her waistline.

In the captivating series, Dylan Minnette portrays the infatuated classmate of the protagonist. Two weeks following her tragic demise, he stumbles upon a series of tapes she had left behind. These tapes serve as an explanation from beyond the grave, detailing the reasons behind her decision to end her life.

During a recent press conference, Gomez shared her personal journey during the production of the show. She revealed that she was going through a challenging period in her life when filming began. Taking a break from the spotlight, Gomez spent 90 days away and encountered numerous young individuals who were grappling with similar issues to those faced by the characters in the show.

Beauty in black and white: Tightening about her enviably trim torso, the outfit also had holes cut out at its middle, showcasing the Spring Breakers star's flat midriff

The beauty of black and white is showcased in this stunning ensemble, hugging her perfectly toned body. The outfit cleverly incorporates cut-out details in the center, carefully unveiling the actress’s flawlessly toned midriff.

After a hiatus of 14 weeks, she made a comeback on Instagram during Thanksgiving. However, she remains detached from Twitter and expressed her disdain towards social media, claiming, “It’s tough at the moment. I find it unbearable to witness the content people consume.” In her own words, “I cannot tolerate their distorted perception of reality when the show embodies authenticity to the fullest extent.” She emphasized the significance of the show’s realistic portrayal of the challenges faced during adolescence, as she believes that “Regrettably, youngsters remain indifferent. They simply don’t care.”

Emphasis: Its asymmetrical hem allowed her to show off a bit of her chiseled legs, and she heightened the look of them with black stilettos

Rewrite: The distinct hemline of her outfit enabled her to showcase her well-defined legs, which she further accentuated with elegant black stilettos. From her perspective, “There has to be something that truly terrifies them. They need to witness something that instills fear.” She voiced her aspiration to “make them comprehend it” and have a positive impact on the current generation while also acknowledging her personal connection to the events taking place. As filming progressed, she recalled, “I was present during the final episode and it was overwhelming to witness everything unfold, as I myself have encountered similar experiences.”

Reason for the outing: Gomez was with Netflix to promote 13 Reasons Why, a 13-episode show that will premiere on the website on March 31

Gomez recently joined Netflix to promote her upcoming show, 13 Reasons Why, which is set to premiere on March 31. During her own teenage years, she gained immense fame through her role on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards Of Waverly Place, which aired from 2007 to 2012. Reflecting on that period of her life, Gomez shared the challenges she faced. Not only did she have to navigate being a young adult, but she also had to deal with the pressures of being in the spotlight and having adults attempt to dictate her life choices. This experience left her feeling lost and uncertain of her identity. Gomez believes that her new show will shed light on these issues and hopes that it can resonate with others who may be going through similar struggles.

Source material: Based on the 2007 young adult book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the show counts the pop star among its executive producers

Drawing inspiration from Jay Asher’s 2007 young adult novel “Thirteen Reasons Why,” the television show, which includes the involvement of a popular singer as one of its executive producers, offers a fresh perspective on her own experiences. Rather than shying away from her past mistakes, she embraces them, viewing them as an opportunity for growth. She acknowledges that her errors are widely known, but instead of letting that hinder her, she uses it as motivation to bring positivity into the world. Although her initial aspiration to star in a feature film adaptation did not come to fruition, she is grateful to still be a part of this project in any capacity. Emphasizing that the format was always intended as a series, she feels fortunate that the process of creating something exceptional like this took some time.

Tragic plotline: The story concerns a high school student who commits suicide and leaves tapes explaining her motives to a classmate

Heart-wrenching storyline: This narrative revolves around a teenager who tragically takes her own life, leaving behind a set of tapes that reveal her reasons to a fellow classmate.

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