What does Stephen Curry say about the possibility of leaving a illustrious basketball career in the NBA?

The best pitcher in basketball history is entering the final phase of a career full of ups and downs. However, Stephen Curry is still extremely optimistic about the current situation.Advertisement

It’s hard to imagine how the NBA would change without the arrival of Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors frontman has been one of the league’s most influential faces since he set foot in the NBA. After more than a decade, all fans around the world see are miracles and records.

Stephen Curry has conquered almost everything in the NBA, from individual records and titles to four championship rings, all in the Golden State Warriors jersey.

Entering the upcoming season, Curry reaches the age of 35 and is at the end of an illustrious career.

In a recent interview on The Today Show, he discussed his future in the NBA. At the same time, he also shared that retirement is inevitable when age and performance are gradually fading.

However, Curry was completely confident and optimistic about the comments that he was out of time and made them the driving force for his final seasons in the league.

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