“Unveiling Hailey Bieber’s Stunning Beach Body in Miami: A Sizzling Swimwear Shoot”

Hailey celebrated her 23rd birthday and received luxurious gifts from her husband, Justin Bieber. Despite the celebration, she returned to work on Wednesday and was seen at a beach in Miami for an athletic photoshoot. The shoot required her to wear multiple skimpy swimsuits while splashing around in the water, showcasing her stunning figure. Hailey looked amazing in a tiny black string bikini as she rode a paddleboard and demonstrated her exceptional modeling skills.

Under the warm sun, Hailey proudly displayed her well-toned physique in a black string bikini that featured a triangular top wrapped around her neck and back, providing extra support. The bottoms were tied on both sides of her hips and pulled up to create a high-cut look. Additionally, Hailey accessorized with gold body jewelry that wrapped around her waist and accentuated her curves.

Cover up: At one point she threw on a white button-up but it never seemed to make it onto her shoulder or fully put on, as it instead rested on her forearms

Balance: She balanced on the board in water and had an ore in hand

Confidently, she showed off her stunning physique in a sleek black bikini while elegantly mounting onto a paddle board and floating on liquid.

Retro: Looking like a true pin-up the blonde beauty got down in a kneeled position and lifted her hair with one hand

Vintage: The stunning blonde styled her hair in a pin-up look by kneeling down and elegantly pulling back her hair with one hand. Adding a touch of glamour, she adorned her waist with beautiful gold body jewelry that ran down from her neck and beautifully accentuated her enviable curves.

Standout in red: For glam she had simple, natural-esq makeup but opted for a bright red lip with the black bikini

She opted for a natural makeup look, except for her choice of a striking red lip to match her black bikini.

New look: The star was also seen in a bright pink bandeau top with a mini skirt as she showed off her long legs. The star walked through the shallow water behind an assistant

The famous personality proudly displayed a fresh new look, sporting a bright pink headband that perfectly matched her mini skirt, accentuating her long legs. Accompanied by an assistant, she confidently strode through the shallow waters.

On the go: The cover girl was helped out by three people as she boarded a Jet Ski. Behind her was a man holding two garment bags

A model on the move received assistance from three individuals as she climbed onto a Jet Ski. A man could be seen in the background carrying two clothing bags. The daughter of a well-known evangelist, Stephen Baldwin, sported loose, blonde waves and a middle part. She kept her makeup simple, except for a bold red lip that paired perfectly with her black bikini. At one point, she threw on a white button-up shirt, but it didn’t make it all the way onto her shoulders and instead rested on her forearms. She stood on a paddleboard, holding an oar, and gazed confidently at the camera.

So many looks: And there was another wardrobe change soon after. Hailey wore a retro-looking dark green and light green check two piece outfit

Hailey Bieber has once again switched up her outfit, this time opting for a retro-inspired two-piece in a check pattern featuring shades of dark and light green. The model is definitely not afraid to try out different styles!

Not solo: While on the vessel, she had a handler behind her who wore a blue T-shirt and black cap

Accompanied: During her time onboard the ship, she was accompanied by a guide who sported a stylish blue T-shirt and a sleek black cap.

On and off: A tattoo could be seen on her back as well as on her wrist while getting on the Jet Ski

While she was climbing onto the Jet Ski, her tattoo on both her back and wrist became visible. It appeared as though she had some ink done in the past.

Making it happen: Hailey seemed a dab hand at operating the Jet Ski

Hailey was proficient in manipulating the Jet Ski, showcasing her expertise in action.

Matching: After a quick outfit change she also donned a white tank and short romper

Matching: After a quick outfit change she also donned a white tank and short romper

After making a quick change of clothes, she decided to wear a white tank top and a short romper.

Another look: For a third look she wore a skin tight yellow cutout dress over a yellow bikini

Rewritten: The blonde bombshell changed her outfit multiple times for a photoshoot. She started with a skin-tight yellow cutout dress paired with a matching bikini for her third look. Striking a classic pin-up pose, she knelt down and lifted her hair with one hand. Later on, she opted for a bright pink bandeau top and mini skirt combo to flaunt her toned legs while wading through the shallow water with the assistance of three individuals who helped her climb onto a jet ski. The cover girl had a team of people helping her throughout the shoot.

The look of love: Justin joined her on the beach during her shoot day and she could be seen affectionately straddling him as he sat on a bench

During a photo shoot, Justin appeared on the beach and shared a tender moment with his partner. She lovingly sat on his lap as he sat on a nearby bench.

Alone again: However the blonde bombshell had to get back to work and Justin could be glimpsed sitting alone as she did so

There he is: The Baby singer at one point was spotted burying his head in his hands during his wife's lengthy workday

Justin was alone once again, watching as a beautiful blonde resumed her work and left him sitting there by himself.

Break time: In a happier moment Justin lounged on the sand and smiled as he chatted with his wife, who sat opposite him wrapped up in towels

Justin, with a wide smile on his face, was seen reclining on the sandy beach while exchanging pleasantries with his wife who was seated across from him and bundled up in towels during a moment of relaxation.

Laugh it up: Hailey's string of sizzling ensembles included a textured aquamarine crop top that bared her sculpted midriff

Dropping hints: She teamed the top with a skirt that clung to her derriere while wet

Check out this funny story: Hailey showed off her collection of stylish outfits, including a textured aquamarine crop top that revealed her toned belly.

Moment of repose: Hailey arced a shapely leg through the thigh-slit of her pink skirt as she lay in the water for an evocative snapshot

Haley elegantly lifted her leg through the thigh-slit of her rosy skirt while relaxing in the water for a captivating photo, taking a break.

Fashion fantasy: Her radiant complexion was immaculately made up as she frolicked through the shallows

Doubling up: Out on dry land Hailey wrapped a cozy towel around her shoulders and another over her hair

She looked stunning with her flawless makeup as she played in the shallow waters, creating an idyllic fashion moment. Then she quickly switched up her wardrobe and rocked a vintage-inspired two-piece ensemble featuring dark and light green checks. The beauty was spotted riding a Jet Ski like a pro, gracefully transitioning between takes. In no time, she transformed her look again, opting for a white tank and shorts romper, followed by a striking, tight yellow cutout dress layered over a yellow bikini.

Athletic: Hailey held a surfboard over her head whilst prancing across the sand for one snap

Hailey was spotted enjoying some fun in the sun on the beach, carrying a surfboard above her head as she gracefully hopped around. One photo captured the moment perfectly.

The method behind the magic: A gentleman in the crew could be seen apparently blowing air toward Hailey so that her hair would blow back for the cameras

One of the members of the crew, who appeared to be a gentleman, was observed using a technique to create a magical effect for the camera by blowing air towards Hailey, causing her hair to blow back.

Tailoring: Hailey could be spotted between snapshots having her hair and makeup readjusted by a member of the crew

A place in the sun: The showbiz legacy was wearing yet another sensational outfit

During the shoot, Haley’s crew member was seen touching up her hair and makeup, which suggests that she was paying close attention to even the smallest details of her appearance.

Smoldering stare: She struck a classic energetic lunge pose in the water and pulled a supermodel glare

Her eyes were intense, with a powerful stare that exuded energy and gave off a fierce gaze akin to that of a top model.

Details: Hailey's swimsuit featured a royal purple wraparound that was embossed with a glittering gold leaf motif

Layered up: The wraparound covered a black bathing suit that emphasized her upper thigh

Haley appeared in a stunning royal purple swimsuit that showcased an embellished wraparound design with glistening gold leaf motifs. Justin also joined her on the beach, and the couple shared an affectionate moment as Haley straddled him while he sat on a bench. However, she had to resume work, leaving Justin alone, and at one point, he was spotted burying his head in his hands. Nevertheless, the couple found time to enjoy each other’s company, with Justin lounging on the sand while Haley sat opposite him wrapped up in towels, chatting and beaming with smiles.

Family time: Justin held the couple's dog Oscar by a leash on the beach

Spending time with family is something that cannot be replaced. Recently, Justin was spotted walking leisurely on the beach with his partner and furry friend Oscar. The cute pup was kept close on a leash, ensuring that everyone could enjoy their time together worry-free. There’s nothing quite like taking in the fresh sea air and enjoying quality time with loved ones, even if it’s just a simple walk on the beach.

So sweet: Hailey and Justin seemed delighted with one another's company on Wednesday

Haley and Justin seemed to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s company on Wednesday. They were adorable together.

Arrival: Hailey was could be spotted in a casual aspect as she turned up at the beach wearing smiley face slippers

Smile and wave: She was wearing a boyfriend fit black leather jacket with jeans and a crop top

Hailey arrived at the beach early in the morning, appearing relaxed and casual. She was wearing a pair of fun smiley face slipper sandals.

High ground: Hailey modeled a turquoise and pink outfit whilst standing on a rig atop a boat and being photographed from below

Hailey looked stunning in her turquoise and pink outfit while standing on a platform on a boat. She posed for pictures taken from below, taking advantage of the elevated position of the platform to add to the allure of the photo shoot.

Feel the heat: Hailey flung her arms over her head while posing in the sun on a boat

Enjoy the warmth: Haily lifted up her arms and struck a pose under the sun while on a boat.

Fresh out of mythology: Hailey looked like a Greek goddess in a split wrap green gown with a matching tube top

Hailey’s appearance was reminiscent of a character straight from Greek mythology, wearing a stunning green split wrap gown with a matching tube top. She has been enjoying some leisure time with her husband in Florida, away from work. During their stay in Miami, Hailey gifted her husband, the Sorry singer, a diamond-studded Cuban-link necklace that is approximately valued at $90,000. Justin recently posted about the unexpected present from his wife of a year on Instagram, expressing that they have secured the ice from their favorite jeweler, Jadell Beverly Hills.

Fashion: It was back to work for Hailey Bieber as she was spotted posing up a storm in Miami Beach on Wednesday morning

Mellow: The 23-year-old model looked supremely fit while parading around the shoreline in a series of swimsuits for the athletic shoot

Earlier today, a model impressed everyone with her choice of attire – a stunning, vibrant yellow one-piece swimsuit. While posing gracefully with a kayak, she made quite the fashion statement.

Classic: The daughter of evangelist Stephen Baldwin wore her bright blonde hair in loose waves and parted down the middle

Recently, the offspring of preacher Stephen Baldwin showed off her golden locks in a casual manner with a center part. She purchased a gold diamond watch from the exact store for her sweetheart’s 23rd birthday, which she proudly shared on social media with the caption “only the best for my boo.” The couple tied the knot in a civil ceremony last September and celebrated their first anniversary with a grand, celebrity-filled event this year. Justin Bieber hinted at the possibility of starting a family soon when he wrote “Next season babies” in a post on the model’s birthday.

Just beacuse: It was while in Miami that she gifted the Sorry singer, Justin Bieber, a diamond covered cuban-link necklace estimated to be worth $90k

While staying in Miami, she surprised Justin Bieber with an exquisite cuban-link necklace adorned with diamonds, valued at approximately $90,000.

Same jeweler: It is from the same store from which he bought her a gold diamond covered watch for her 23rd birthday last week

The jeweler’s store remains the same: It is where he bought a gold watch adorned with diamonds for his girlfriend’s 23rd birthday just last week, is where he obtained this one.

Wedded bliss: They married in a courthouse ceremony last September and marked their first wedding anniversary with a lavish and star studded ceremony the same month of this year

The couple exchanged vows in a modest courthouse ceremony last September. Recently, they celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a grand and star-studded event in the same month this year.

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