Miley Cyrus Locks Lips with Rapper Mike Will Made It and Shares Passionate Kisses with Ladies, Only to Exit Bangerz Album Bash Solo at 5 A.M. in NYC

Wild: Miley Cyrus poses with a female fan at Bangerz album launch party on Tuesday evening in New York

Miley Cyrus was spotted having a blast with one of her female fans at the Bangerz album launch party in New York on Tuesday evening. The pop star seemed to be enjoying the company of her fan as they posed together for a few pictures. It was definitely a wild night for Miley!

Celebrations: Miley poses near a cake inspired by the artwork of her new album Bangerz

Miley Cyrus was spotted striking a pose next to a cake that took inspiration from the artwork of her latest album, Bangerz. The singer seemed to be in a celebratory mood, as evidenced by her big smile and playful attitude. The cake itself looked delicious, with layers of frosting and decorations that perfectly captured the vibe of Miley’s music and persona. It’s clear that the pop star knows how to enjoy herself and make the most of any occasion!

Don't mind me: Miley seemed unfazed by the fact she was essentially wearing underwear in public

Don't mind me: Miley seemed unfazed by the fact she was essentially wearing underwear in public

Miley appeared to be unperturbed as she strutted in public wearing what seemed to be just her underwear.

Feeling the heat: After a busy day promoting her album Miley had stripped off by the end of the night

Experiencing the warmth: Following a hectic day of promoting her album, Miley decided to shed her clothes by the night’s end.

Stripping off: Miley gets down to her underwear at the release party for new album Bangerz at The General in New York

Miley Cyrus sheds her clothes down to her undergarments while celebrating the debut of her latest album, Bangerz, at The General in New York City.

Pink lady: Miley doesn't seem to want to stop shocking people with her outfit choices

Miley is definitely not shying away from her bold fashion statements as she continues to surprise us with her pink lady look. It seems like she has no intention of toning it down anytime soon.

Feeling hot? Miley Cyrus appeared to be feeling the heat at the release of her album launch on Tuesday

Is the temperature rising? It seems that Miley Cyrus was feeling the heat during her album launch on Tuesday.

The singer poses provocatively as she sucks her thumb at her release party in New York

Tasty: The singer poses provocatively as she attends her release party in New York City while sucking her thumb

The deliciously tempting singer strikes a seductive pose at her album launch event in New York City, while sensually sucking on her thumb.

The star posed for photos, flashing her tongue and giving a thumbs to the audience

The celebrity made a grand entrance as she stopped for photographs, playfully sticking out her tongue and giving a thumbs up to the crowd.

Miley flashes her tongue while holding her new CD Bangerz at release party

Chilling: Miley sticks out her tongue playfully as she proudly holds up her latest album release, Bangerz, during a party.

Butter wouldn't melt: Miley gives a wholesome smile despite her less than wholesome outfit

Miley Cyrus flashed a wholesome smile even though her outfit was less than wholesome. She looked innocent and sweet as if nothing could go wrong.

Hoping for a number one! Miley celebrates the release of her new album Bangerz at Planet Hollywood

Excited for a chart-topping spot! Miley Cyrus marks the debut of her latest album Bangerz with a celebratory bash at Planet Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus attends her Bangerz record release signing at Planet Hollywood on October 8 in New York City

Impressive core: Miley Cyrus made an appearance at Planet Hollywood in New York City on October 8 for her Bangerz album release signing with rock-solid abs to show off.

Proud mother: Letitia Jean 'Tish' Cyrus arrived at the event to support her daughter's record release

A beaming mother named Letitia Jean, who is fondly called Tish Cyrus, made an appearance at a gathering to show support for her daughter’s new album launch.

Setting a better example: Unlike her daughter, 54-year-old Tish dressed for the cool evening in a maroon leather jacket, grey jumper, matching skinny jeans and knee-high black boots

Being a role model: Tish, who is 54 years old, set an excellent example by wearing appropriate clothing for the chilly evening. She chose to wear a stylish maroon leather jacket, a grey jumper, matching skinny jeans, and knee-high black boots, unlike her daughter who may have been dressed less appropriately.

Miley shows off her fab abs in a short tight top and ripped low low-hanging jeans

Miley strikes a pose, flaunting her toned abs in a snug crop top paired with ripped and low-slung jeans. The camera captures her effortlessly cool vibe.

Signing time: The performer flashes a beautiful smile as she signs her CD for fans

As she signs her CD for her enthusiastic fans, the performer beams with a gorgeous smile that adds to her charm.

Miley chews a green piece of gum in her mouth for minty fresh breath

Consider this: Miley is enjoying the refreshing taste of a green gum as it freshens her breath.

Shirty: Miley wore this strange outfit for her Fallon appearance, but impressed with her heart

Miley sported an odd get-up during her appearance on Fallon’s show, but managed to win hearts with her performance.

Opening up: Miley enjoyed chatting with the most rock 'n' roll chatshow host

Miley had a great time talking with the coolest talk show host who exuded rock ‘n’ roll vibes.

Miley shakes her backside for the audience who can't get enough of the star's antics

Miley is heating up the stage with her risqué outfit and booty-shaking dance moves, much to the delight of her audience who can’t seem to get enough of her wild antics.

It's all in days twerk for Miley who lets it all hang out

Miley Cyrus has been showcasing her twerking skills and grinding moves lately, not holding back on expressing herself in a raunchy manner.

The star hams it up for her fans and the crowd that gathered to get a picture and an autograph

Miley Cyrus brings the fun and excitement as she entertains her adoring fans who eagerly line up to snap a photo and grab an autograph. The star doesn’t hold back, hamming it up and giving the crowd a memorable experience.

The star indulges her legions of fans by revealing her toned abs

Enthusiastic fans went crazy as the celebrity pleased them by flaunting her well-defined abs.

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