Jennifer Lopez reveals her secret to savvy shopping on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bargain Hunting in Style

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Lopez playfully admitted her fondness for shopping at discount clothing stores, even though she was wearing a pricey $12,000 Michael Kors jumpsuit at that moment. The talk show host jokingly suggested that she may be spreading herself too thin with her various projects, including her roles in American Idol, the police drama Shades of Blue, and her upcoming Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez captured everyone’s attention with her radiant presence while she made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Monday.

“You do it because there are fans who want to see you, but let’s be real, the money helps,” Kimmel said with a straight face. Lopez, rocking a stunning silver jumpsuit, chuckled and quipped, “I mean, someone has to pay for these jumpsuits, right?”

As the late-night host joked that her outfits weren’t from discount stores like Marshalls, J Lo, in a slightly serious tone, defended herself by saying, “Although I do shop at Marshalls. Why not, right?”

When Jimmy teased that fans must faint when they see her at Marshalls, she claimed she blends in too well to be noticed, stating, “I don’t think you would even recognize me there.”

Secret love: While she appears to have expensive taste, the singer and actress admitted she loves bargain shopping

Private affection: Despite her luxurious image, the vocalist and performer confessed to enjoying thrift shopping.

'You wouldn't recognize me': Jennifer insisted that fans don't realize it's her when she shops at Marshalls

“You wouldn’t even know it’s me”: Jennifer is adamant that her fans have no clue it’s actually her when she’s shopping at Marshalls.

However, she insisted, “I do enjoy shopping, especially at bargain places. I like to mix things up a bit.” When Jimmy jokingly asked if she buys Christmas gifts from such places to save money on others, she handed him a gift – a peach-colored clothing item with ‘JK’ altered to resemble Jimmy Kimmel.
“It was a last-minute gift,” she explained. “But it was monogrammed. I was really rushing, but my grandmother always taught me to never arrive empty-handed.”
In return, Jimmy presented her with a gift – a mug that read: “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Lots on the go: The 46-year-old is gearing up for her Las Vegas residency, which kicks off later this month

There’s a lot happening for the 46-year-old as she prepares for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, set to start later this month.

Prepare to be wowed: Jennifer hinted that she will have some special guests - but didn't reveal who they will be

Get ready to be amazed: Jennifer teased that she will have some surprise guests on her show, keeping the identity a secret for now.

“I’m relieved someone finally noticed,” she quipped in response.

In addition to discussing her jam-packed schedule and joking that she’s working even harder than Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy couldn’t help but comment on Jennifer’s flawless appearance.

“Have you ever even bothered making a New Year’s Resolution, or do you just wake up looking perfect?” he teased.

Regarding her new cop drama Shades Of Blue, Jimmy complimented Jennifer, saying, “Let’s just say you shine brightly on it.”

In amazing shape: The Jenny From The Block star showcased her famous figure in the skintight outfit

Looking fantastic: The famous singer flaunted her incredible physique in a tight-fitting ensemble.

How does she do it?: While JLo flashed her pert derriere in the ensemble, it was a look that would have been unflattering on most 

How does she manage it?: JLo confidently flaunted her toned behind in that outfit, a style that might not look as good on most people.
“I know, right? This was my casual look!” Jennifer chuckled.
“I don’t think anyone would mind getting arrested if the cops looked like you!” Jimmy quipped, realizing the appeal of having super attractive police officers.
“Then again, maybe there would be more crime if the police looked like you,” he added with a smirk.
Talking about the show, Jennifer shared, “It’s pretty raw. It’s a new challenge for me. It’s a gripping drama that keeps you hooked. You never know what’s coming next.”

Lots going on: Jennifer is also starring in new show Shades Of Blue and acting as a judge on the final ever season of American Idol

There’s a lot happening for Jennifer right now. She’s not only the star of the new show Shades Of Blue but also taking on the role of a judge in the last season of American Idol.

Go big or go home: The beautiful star certainly likes to go all out when it comes to her ensembles

Embrace the extravagance: The stunning celebrity definitely loves to make a statement with her outfits.
She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas, mentioning iconic figures like Frank Sinatra who have graced the city’s stages before.
“I have a love for classic Hollywood glamour,” she revealed, highlighting her old-fashioned taste.
Excited about upcoming intimate performances, she hinted at surprise guests lined up for the shows. “We have some special guests planned,” she teased without giving away any names, expressing her enthusiasm for the upcoming events.

'It's very gritty': The star insists she is stepping out of her comfort zone for the upcoming police drama

“I’m really pushing my boundaries with this role”: The actress emphasizes that she is exploring new territory in the upcoming crime thriller.

That went well!: Jennifer looked cheerful as she stepped out of the Hollywood studio following her chat

It was a great time! Jennifer had a big smile on her face as she exited the Hollywood studio after her conversation. “My aim is to make each night unique and spontaneous,” she shared. She mentioned that she planned on taking her seven-year-old twins, Emme and Max, to Las Vegas, but her mom, Guadalupe, seemed even more thrilled, saying she would be living it up in the casinos. Jennifer reminisced about how her mom once won a staggering $2.4 million on slot machines, but she jokingly added, “She’s spent that much and more since then, she’s a wild one.”

Great to see you: The bombshell gave a cheerful wave to her admirers as she strutted along in gold heels

It’s wonderful to see you: The stunning woman greeted her fans with a happy wave while walking confidently in her shiny gold heels. She had a deep knowledge of all the slot machines, knowing exactly which ones to play and when to play them. Watching her in action was like witnessing a genius at work. Some even compared her skills to those of Rain Man – it was truly remarkable. Despite her expertise, Jennifer maintained that she was not a gambler at heart. She found it difficult to even put in a quarter, emphasizing that she was more focused on working hard rather than taking risks in gambling.

All out glamour: JLo also wore heavy make-up and lashings of gold jewellery

JLo was all about the glamour, rocking bold makeup and accessorizing with plenty of stunning gold jewelry.

Lucky man: Also appearing on the show was the new Bachelor, Ben Higgins

One fortunate guy: Another guest on the program happened to be the latest Bachelor, Ben Higgins.

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